Screaming Mantis,As Seen In Video Game Black Ops.

Screaming Mantis Is A Character From Video Game Black Ops And Appears As The Main Villian Of The Series After Richtofen's Disease Was Gone, Derrick Would Then Go Against Screaming Manits In The Fight To The Death In A Epic Duel Of The Fates, Against Mantis. Mantis Has A Cronie Attack Which Sends Out Her Mini Midgets To Fight, Her Other Moves Involves Throwing Her Head On The Ground While It Spews Out 4500 Laser Beams Per Second. Screaming Mantis Also Has A Lightning Arm Jab Where She Attacks Her Opponents Constantly With A Speed Of 7000 Punches Per Second (PPS).

Screaming Mantis Is A Tomboy Boss Battle In Cases Of Transforming Of A New And Acoustic Form, And In The End, Screaming Mantis Gets Kicked In The Face By Samus Aran And Saves Derrick Sanderson From Using Up All Of His Stamina (Energy). Derrick And Samus Were Re-United Again And Might Have A Sporting Chance For Staying Together At Onces Again, And Goes Back To Sam Fisher's House To Celebrate After The Defeat Of Screaming Mantis.

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