The Scherlarrette Is One Of The Third Powerful & Larger Enemies Found In The RPG Universe, The Scherlarrette's Older Brother Is The YMS-15 Gyan, Which Both The Gyan And Scherlarrette Have The Same Equipment, Their Nitro Swords And Their Heavily Defended Shields Make Them The Powerful Enemies Known Like The Claudion Guntank, Dustlflier, And The Most Average The Shadow Priest. The Scherlarrette Focuses On Combat Skills And Lack Spiritual Traits. What The Most They Know Is Their Health Levels And Attack Power, Bring Healing Items If You're Going To Stand A Chance.

Target Name: Scherlarrette

HP: 1060 (Soul Outpass), 1921 (Black Ops Base), 2017 (Mezari Mountain Fortress) *HP Levels Vary By Location*

ATK: 2308

DEF: 2102

Spiritual Energy: 1000% (-21.9)


1. Nitro Sword

2. Mithrill Eyebeams

3. Dragon's Spirit (Raises Attack)

4. Illusion Possesser

Items Dropped: Ririn Clock, Mithril Shard, Approval Script, Sleeping Powder

Notes: High High HP And Attack Levels, Bringing Healing Items Is The Key, Both The Mitrill Eyebeam And Nitro Sword Can Confuse You Respectively. Having The "Call For Help" Ability Is A Great Idea Against This Monster. Has Low Spiritual Pressure Levels.

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