Saya Otonashi Is A Underling Of Microsoft Shingen And Is A Complex Apex Assassin In The World Of Text To Speech To Ever Appear In Such A Website. Saya Is Also A Enemy To Derrick Sanderson Of Video Game Black Ops, Where She Meets Him At The Russian Outpass After Healing Richtofen And Getting Samus Back. Derrick Has No Chance But To Fight Alone With This Resilient Character. After All She Is A Force Of Power, Which Makes Her The Best Sword Wielder In The World, She Was Once A Former Executioner, But Was Reassigned As A Apprentice Of Microsoft Shingen. She Is One Of Those Female Samurai Residing From Japan, Unlike Olette, Who Is American, Saya Is A Half-American, And Half Japanese, Which Probably Speaks 90% Of English, And 50% Of Japanese.

Saya Otonashi, As One Of Microsoft Shingen's Underlings.

After A Few Rounds Against Derrick, Derrick Finally Executed Saya For Working Against Discipline And Darkness Against Her Sins, After A Few Deys Of Death, Saya Was Dead, And Now Reassigned From Microsoft Shingen.

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