Sannse, The Secretary Of Wikia Community Central Has Infected This Machinima-Only Library Of Infernal Refrences And All That Belongs To DigitalPh33rson And StarwolfNotMugen. With StarwolfNotMugen Dead, Sannse Has DigitalPh33rson Held Captive, Being Held By The Roman Army, The Phazon Gods, And The Court Captains, DigitalPh33rson Starts A Normal Life In The Ending Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures. With That Said And Done, DigitalPh33rson Needs To Defeat Sannse In Combat. Her Skills Are Beyond Belief, And Her Samus Style Moves Will Take DigitalPh33rson Right To The Middle.

Target Name: Sannse

HP: ????

ATK: 176,000

DEF: 207,000


1. Screw Attack

2. Charge Shot

3. Morph Ball Bombs

4. Tomboy Power (Has The Same DNA As Samus, Raises Attacks)

Your Transformations:

1. Ryan Miller

2. Jack Raiden

3. Old Snake

4. Derrick Sanderson

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