Sam Makio

Sam Makio,Former Member Of The Makio Family,He Betrayed Corneilla Makio,And Rebel Against The Makio Family,And The Serpant Rebel's Were Formed,Sam Makio Is Samus Aran's Straight Edge Form.

Sam Makio Is A Straight-Edge Form Of Samus, As A Super Tomboy, Sam Makio Respects Her Entire Tomboy Nature As Well As His Relative, Cornellia Makio. As Sam Makio, She Died A Temporary Death, And Fought The Thunder God Raiden To The Death, Along With Another Straight Edge Form Named Nicholas-854, They Fought Together And Couldn't Stop Getting Tired And Surrounded Raiden With Punches

In The 9/11 Special, A Potion Of Sam Makio Was Made, Then Samus Gained Her Straight Edge Powers Along With Nicole-458. With Their Potions, They Can Transform Back Into Straight Edge Back At Will, Without The Use Of Fighting Raiden.