Sam Fisher, As Seen In Video Game Black Ops. His Main Objective Is Get Samus And Derrick Back Together.

Sam Fisher Is A Former Security Guard Working At The Pentagon (Department Of Defense) In The 9/11 Special, He Then Later Appeared In Video Game Black Ops Series To Join Derrick Sanderson To Get Samus Aran Back Who Was Tooken By The Black Ops Special Opertives. Sam Fisher Then Joined The Splinter Cell Authority To Get More Money On DigitalPh33rsons Adventures For His Own Sake. To Make Things Better For Sam Fisher, He Doesn't Even Have A Equal Voice Like Toshiro, Scoff, Azelf, And Jake. Instead He Has A Voice Actor Named: L&H Michael. A British Voice Actor That Fits In Perfectly. Like: GSTSUPERWORLD89, 2FunnyVersionIV, And Probably SpeakoniaCuber. Those Users Who Had A Birthday Bash Had The Same Voice As Sam Fisher.

Sam Fisher Offers The Finest In His Family Clan, Then When He Said Goodbye To His Daughter, Sarah Fisher, He Would Enstate That He Would Actually See His Own Wife Again. On The Second Thought, His Final Goodbye Wasn't Sad, Because Derrick Sanderson Became A Famed Member Of The Fisher Family After When He Got Samus Aran Back.