The Sakha Warship Is One The First Warships That DigitalPh33rson And His Friends Encounter In DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, This Also Appears In Video Game Black Ops. This Warship Is Also Popular Among Scripts, Which The Scriptmasters Are Keeping A Close Eye On This Thing, The Sakha War Spaceship Also Follows DigitalPh33rson And His Friends To A 2nd Visit To Planet X During The Unreleased 2012 Special. That Appeared In Season 4.

The Sakha War Spaceship Also Has Space Weapons Like It's Former Sea Vehicles, That's Until The Kostroma Spaceship And Made It A Bigger Threat For Brian And DigitalPh33rson. And In Conclusion, The Sakha War Spaceship Is Known For It's Popularity And Soon Will Be In Videos Soon (If Necessary).

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