Ryan Miller Is The Main Machinima Character Of

Video Game Zombies And The Atlernate Form Of DigitalPh33rson, His True Form Is A Full Scale Galactic Federation Soldier That Wields Many Weapons Including Russian-Related Weapons. He Was Also Super Izanagi's Replacement Persona For DigitalPh33rson For Riley Richtofen To Have His Own Izanagi. Ryan Miller Is A Friend Of Samus Aran, He Is Ordered To Defend Samus And Defend Her Personality. Until A Person Named Anthony Higgs Comes To Play Games With Samus Aran, Anthony And Ryan Were Rivals For A While, Then Anthony Came To His Senses And Will Never Play Games With Samus Again. Ryan Miller Is The Son Of Michael Miller Who Didn't Exsist Until There Was A Private Machinima Named "Machinima X" Ryan Felt Dissapointed For His Father, But He Still Had Samus With Him. Ryan Is Skilled Combat Expert That Also Involved K2-L's Matthew Edge To Suddenly Be Killed, Because Of The Zombie Cow Hamburger, But Ryan Ended Up Being The Victor Against Matthew.

Physical StatisticsEdit

Player Name: Ryan Miller

Starting Level: LV. 20

HP (At Start): 2460

ATK: 2049

DEF: 2961

HP (At End): 4520


1. Lightsaber (Melee)

2. CAR-7 (Assault Rifle)

3. Galactic Grenades (EMP Grenades)

4. Kamakazie Railgun (Finale, Only Works When Target's HP Is Above 30% Or Less.)

Notes: Has A Good Arsenal Of Attacks, But Attack Number #1 Has Slow Attack Speed. Has High HP. 

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