Rundas is an ice-wielding Bounty Hunter who debuted in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. He is voiced by Christopher Sabat.

Rundas was born on Phyrigis, a moon of the planet Bes III known mainly for ice mining. Phyrigisians are commonly able to manipulate and generate ice. However, Rundas was one of very few to use this ability as a Hunter.

Rundas, along with Ghor, Gandrayda, and Samus Aran, was called to the G.F.S. Olympus, the flagship of the Galactic Federation Fleet orbiting the planet Norion, a major GF military stronghold. They were all tasked by Fleet Admiral Dane of the Galactic Federation to purge the Aurora Units of a virus believed to be of Space Pirate origin, and also to investigate Pirate activity in the system. The briefing was interrupted when Aurora Unit 242 sounded the emergency alarm as a Pirate fleet emerged from a wormhole and began a surprise assault on Norion. Rundas and the other hunters are ordered by Dane to get back to their ships and aid in the battle on the planet's surface. Rundas was forced to battle through boarding Pirates to reach his gunship.

In The Machinima, He Can Be Fought In The Video Game Black Ops "Afterseason" Which Is A Series Of Special Episodes Not Found Anywhere In A Video Store, As Derrick Heads To The Alphlachian Mountians, He Meets Rundas, Who Wields Powers Of Ice And Is Capable Of Ice-Based Attacks That Drains The Player's HP Levels Very Quickly Because Of The Frigid Conditions. It Is Also Rumored That Rundas Has The Same Voice Actor As Some Certain Animes Like: Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball Z (Original), Fairy Tale, And Naruto Shippuden's Inside Story. As Christopher Sabat He Voiced Both Rundas And Some Of The Animes Listed Above. He Is Known For His Much Of His Popularity And His Fame On The Video Games.

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