The Co-Lead Designer Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, Video Game Zombies, And DigitalPh33rsons Collab Mania, (If Rumored) She Keeps Monitored On The Gloon The Garrison Wiki Page. Since She Is Gloon's Favorite Fan Of Video Games, She Provides Other Add-Ons For Team Fortress 2, Super Smash Bros, Jet Force Gemini, And Persona 2 (Game Boy Classic.)

Besides Providing Add Ons, She's Intended To Work On The DigitalPh33rsons Work Community, She Was A Former 13th Division Saiyan Class Warrior. Despite Her Retirement, She Intended To Work On Not Only "The Patch Crisis" But To Make The DigitalPh33rsons Universe To Grow About 3,500,000 Characters In The Machinima Industry. Her Favorite Music Is Call Of Duty Black Ops: The Roman Destruction (Disk 1), Mortal Kombat 4 (Mortal Kombat Musik), And Vocaloid Fortress 2: The Road To A Former End.Also Call Of Duty Future Warfare 2: ENEMY FLAGSHIP INCOMING!/Flagship Theme

RukiaRukia54321's Former Deals Is To Stay Informed And Not Afford Gloon A Wii, PS3, Or A 360. Her Intent Reputation Will Make Their Relationships Only Worse. Their Bond Lasted For A Flatter Decade. And She Still Continues The Machinima Business Today. And Most Of All, Some Of The Video Coverage Credit. She Voices Haruka Amatana In Call Of Duty: Future Warfare 2.