480px-Robert McNamara official portrait

Robert McNamara, As Seen In Video Game Black Ops

Robert McNamara Is Yet Another Character In The Black Ops Series. Robert Easily Became A Fast Vomiting Victim Of Jetbug, Fire Lord's Main Officers, But Robert Was Saved By Jill's Arwing Fighter, Though He Managed Not To Vomit On Jill's Ship, Messing Up Her Concentration To Fly. Robert Was Then Taken To The Machinima HQ, Hospital Where He Was Treated To Medical Assistance. Though He Was Suffering In A Heart Virus Condition. Robert Also Appeared In The Popular Zombie Map, "Five" Was One Of Average Characters.

While Saying His Last Words, He Said To God, And Fire Lord, "Give Me Death, I'm Not Afraid Anymore!!" You Gave Me A Distant Memory. Robert's Character Ability Is "Unknown", Despite It's Name, When Robert Attacks A Character, Draining The Vitality To 30% It's Ability Also Changes To Unknown, The Unknown Ability Does Nothing Because Robert Died In The Machinima, Because Of The Virus That Jetbug Injested. Robert Will Still Be Playable In The Black Ops Game And Other Future Releases.

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