Richelieu 1943

The Richelieu Battleship,As Seen In An Illustration.She Fought Well While Helping The Axis Powers,But She Was Unfinished In The Vietnam War.

The Richelieu Battleship Is A War Machine That Is Compared To The Zendara And The Yamato Battleships, It Was Used During The Vietnam Wars And Continued All The Way Until It Sunk. The Richelieu Battleship Has Cannons, Just Like The Zendara And The Yamato, Due To It's Limits, The Richelieu Battleship Doesn't Have Much Firepower According to The Machinima Refrence.

The Richelieu Battleship Has A Communications Array And A 2nd Array Bridge For Generals And Navy Commanders To Operate, This Navy Machine Was Built For The Waves, Due To The Fact That It's A Steel Structured Machine And Runs On 54,000,000 Units Of Fuel.

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