Red Wonder Is One Of The Few Million Machinima Employees In The Industry. Apart From Greats Like: RukiaRukia54321, Gloon The Garrison, LucifersFan, Lupus3999, ScriptmasterMonitor, And Many Others, Red Wonder Is One Of Those People Who Sticks Outs Middle Than A Quarter Inch. Red Wonder Finished Video Making School In 2002, While He Also Studies Scripts In 2005, This Was The Biggest Words Of them All Because Youtube Started Back Then. After Achieveing 2 Bachlor Programs, Videos & Scripts, He Than Started Working With The Machinima Series, DigitalPh33rsons Adventures. This Machinma Was So Famous Because Of The 10 Original Episodes And The 7 ALT Episodes Gained More Views And Subscribers Were Present. On The Second Thought, Most Of The Scripts Today, Are Typed On The Computer Or PS3. Due To StarwolfNotMugen's Packing Departure At The Red Lair, The PS3 Was Then De-Attached From The Socket And He Would Wait For 1 Month To Make Scripts And Work On The Wikia. Because Of Delays And Jobs Arround The House.