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The Red Battleship,A Deadly Killing Machine.

Powered By DigitalPh33rson, His Gang, And The Shi No Numa Team, The Red Flagship,Battleship,And Destroyer is a Crew-Operated Machine Fighting Off Navy War Soldiers. Many People Think That A Red Battleship Exists In Real Life, But Despite On Youtube, A Script Was Featured Off This Red Killing Machine, There Are No Textures Added To It, No Metal Plating, But A Fresh Cartoon Style Red Paint Job, Just Like Beat, The Cartoon Style And The Ressemblance, The Red Battleship Shares A Cartoon Style Look To The Entire Machinima Universe.

With The Red Battle Ship, Which Also Is a Mobile Machinima Headquarters (When DigitalPh33rson Is Not Using His HQ In Seattle Washington.) He Uses The Battle Ship To Deploy His Units, Battle Forces, And Pinpoint Other Characters in A Desired Location.

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