Rebecca Chambers, As Seen In Video Game Zombies, She Bears Resemblance To Knuckle Sister Scoff

Rebecca Chambers Is One Of The Characters That First Appeared In Resident Evil 1. Released For The Sony Playstation, And Appears In A Basketball Uniform In Resident Evil 2, She's One Of The Newest Machinima Recruits To Be A Female. Due To The Fact She Looks A Little Like The Badass Knuckle Sister Scoff, Rebecca Appeared In a Few Scripts Especially The One That Had The Tyrant-Sized Weredog In It. She Suffered From Blood Loss And Possibly From A Twisted Ankle. According To The Machinima News Station, No One Had The Source Who Released The Weredog, Possibly Albert Wesker To Vow Revenge On Chris Redfield?

In The Other Ways, Rebecca Has A Straight Edge Form, But It Hasn't Been Revealed Just Yet. Soon To Be Rumored, It Could Be A Jellyfish Like Creature. Rebecca Is Jealous That She Doesn't Have A S.E. Form Like Her Friend Scoff. Only Because Scoff Tranforms Into Beat.

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