The Ray Gun As Seen In A Illustration

The Ray Gun, Is A Alien Influenced Weapon, Seen In Many Angry German Kid Videos, Seen In Gmod Videos, And Is Featured As A Full-Time Weapon In Maria Holic 2 - Infinite Quest. As The Name Says, The Ray Gun Was Passed Down To Junior The Alien's Family, His Craftsmanship Has Lended Him A Powerful Weapon That Will Destroy Anyone Who Gets In His Way. This Weapon Was Born To Kill Aliens Back Due To A 7-Watt Green Laser That Fires Out Of It.

The Weapon Can Fire Repeatedly By Using The Mouse Button, No Alien Or Harness Can Outstand Another Ray Gun Shot. This Weapon Is A Standard Sci-Fi Handgun Based Weapon. It Can Nuture The Armor Of An Alien Grunt If It Needs To.

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