Mka mug raiden

Raiden, As Seen In Mortal Kombat

Raiden Is A Character From The Mortal Kombat Series, He Is The God Of Thunder, Apart From His Brother Fujin (Wind), He Has A Long Year Of Family History Experiance. Raiden Was Responsible From Banishing Shinok From The Underworld (Hell). Raiden Has Many Family Relatives, Including His Son, Jack (Raiden). Just Like Jack, Raiden Sr. Has Creamy White Blood Just Like His Son Jack Has. They Share The Same Powers, Blood, And Looks. Raiden Is Responsible For Reverting Samus (Sam Makio) & Nicole (Nicholas-854) Back To Normal. Once The Deadly Alliance Helped Raiden Defeat Onaga, It Did Little Damage, It Was Completely Not Effective. Until Raiden Sacrificed Himself. He Had No Energy Left

Raiden Was Also Responsible Sending His Cronies, The Radies, To Make Yoob Huge And Big, To Swallow Knuckle Sister Scoff Into Yoob's Belly, She Couldn't Escape, And She Needed The Help Of Knuckles, But He Wasn't There Because The Scriptmasters Captured Him. She Was All Alone, Until She Met Hisana Kuchiki And Escaped Out Of Yoob's Belly And Made It Out In One Piece. Raiden Is A Evil One And Raiden Helped The Deadly Alliance Make The Soul Situation Even Worse.