The RPG-7, As Seen In A Illustration

The RPG-7 Is Commonly Found In Every Video Game Series Including: Resident Evil, Killzone, Bulletspace, Trigger Girl, Trigger Man, Call Of Duty And Much More. Some Say That A Rocket Launcher Is Hidden In Samus's Arm Cannon, (That Is Before She Died). DigitalPh33rson Also Used This Weapon On The Magmortarian 3000, In The Introduction Arc Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures. Even Taylor Gale Was Killed In The Beta Version Arc As Well!

Noneless Because Of The Taylor Episode Was Banned And Removed From The Machinima Policy, So A 2013 Season Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, Will Take Place In The Future And More Accordingly, The RPG-7 Is Everywhere In The Machinima Industry, Even Found In Video Game Black Ops 1, And II. Even In Video Game Zombies Had The RPG-7 Featured!!

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