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Quan Chi, Shang Tsung's Allied Partner, Wants To Take Jack Down For A Eternity And Banish Him From Exsistance, This Boss Is Just As Harder As Shang Tsung. Using Specific Status Healers And Tactics Are The Key.

Target Name: Quan Chi

HP: 660

DEF: 9500

ATK: 950

Spiritual Energy: 79.5


1. Flying Skull (Does Damage To An Opponent & Also Stuns The Attacker For A Brief Moment)

2. Gravity Slide (Does Damage To An Opponent & It May Make The Attacker Flinch For 1 Turn)

3. Konjiki Flying Baby Head (Stronger Version Of The Flying Skull & Drains The HP Levels In Quarter Portions In One Turn)

4. Deadly Consumination (Puts The Opponent In A Metal Square Compartment And Will Result In A One Hit KO)

Notes: Has A Variety Of Attacks And Dodges Every Single Attack Of The Attacker, Using Speed Is The Key To Victory Of Defeating This Boss.

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