Quan Chi became the most powerful sorcerer and necromancer in the Netherrealm and a primary villain in the Mortal Kombat series. Quan Chi combines both cunning and brute force in his neverending plots to overtake not only Earthrealm, but all of reality. He is an opportunist and will ally himself with anyone who can help him further his own goals. He is notable in particular for his ruthlessness and pragmatism. His manipulative and deceptive nature has earned him many enemies, including Sub-Zero and Scorpion, the latter whose entire family and clan he destroyed.

Despite His Appearance, He Looks Like Kratos From The God Of War Series.

In The Machinima, Allied With Shang Tsung, Quan Chi Took The Advantage Of Splitting Up With Shang To Fetch Out Some Live Citizens And Later Went On Some Other Important People. When Shang Tsung Was After Scoff, Quan Chi Took The Time To Study Some Of His Files And Armed The Security Systems In The Deadly Alliance Headquarters, He Then Later Studied Samus, The Person That Quan Chi Wanted To Kill Most, Despite Being A Tomboy, Quan Chi Studied Other People Who Were Tomboys Including Olette, Araragi, Hatsune Miku, And Mashiro. Quan Chi Then Informed Onaga About The Tomboys Being In The Machinima Universe, But Onaga Refused To Listen To Him, Onaga Still Believes Quan Chi Like A Good Servant To Him, But After Mishaps Away, The Only Person That Was Assigned To Kill Was Samus, Onaga Was Happy, And Felt A Stroke In His Heart. Mostly Because Of The Lightning Blast Jack Gave To Onaga. Quan Chi Was Shocked, But Was Not In For A Good Fight, He Had The Ability To Shoot Green Skulls, Was Later Used As An Attack By DigitalPh33rson In The Tournament Of Heroes. Quan Chi Was In A Good Feel In For A Fight Against Jack, But Lost The Battle And Was Defeated In Battle. Deuce-X Later Realized That Onaga Dissapeared From A Stroke, Shang Tsung And Quan Chi Were Dead, Deuce-X Then Realized That He Wanted To Work Together And Bring Back DigitalPh33rson As Solid Snake. Deuce-X Later Appeared Outside The Deadly Alliance Headquarters.

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