Professor Araragi, As Seen In Video Game Black Ops Speakonia Series

Professor Araragi

教授粛之 Or (アララギ) For Short, Is The Professor Of The Unova Region And Is One Of The Few Gajillian Citzens In The DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Universe, She Only Appears In The Video Game Black Ops Speakonia Series Due To The Fact That Her House Is In Spain, And Loves The Foggy & Cloudy Climates Of The Ruins Of Where She Used To Grow Up. And Was Later Assigned From Microsoft Danzo To Microsoft Shingen To Kill This Citizen, On The Other Thought, Her Assistant, Who Is A News Reporter For The Machinima News, Along With Roxas, Makomo, Who Was Later Also Targeted By Microsoft Shingen's Underlings.

Juniper Is A Fully Nice And Kind Citizen That Respects Derrick Sanderson From The Black Ops Series, And Stops At Nothing From Samus Betraying Derrick By His Side. She Also Found Minor Information About Samus Being In Her Garden, Where She Took About 300 Crops From Her Garden. Professor Juniper Is A Pokemon Trainer As Well, Like Knuckle Sister Scoff Who Has Pokemon, On The Other Half That She Doesn't Fight, Unlike Scoff, Araragi Has A Fully Trained Team Of Anticipated Pokemon Who Are Stronger Than That Patrat That She Captured.

Her Team Consists Of, In No Particular Order:

Exacadrill (Mole): LV.72 Female

Coffagaragiss (Mummy): LV.56

Haxorus (Jaw Horn): LV.67

Minccino (Chinchilla): LV.83

Audino (Healing): LV.69

Aggron (Iron Armor): LV.86

All Of Her Pokemon Were Used To Fight Off The Black Ops Army And Fighted Off The Shingen Crisis To Avoid Being Killed Or Captured. Her Entire Team Saved Her Entire Life From Being Killed Rather Than Being Scared With Reactions. She Then Kept Her Pokemon At Her House To Go To Seattle Washington To Get A 2nd House And 6 New Pokemon Like A 2nd Set. Her Team Was So Powerful, They Actually Obeyed Araragi's Orders, The Mirage Master Deuce-X, Lita The Legendary, And Professor Araragi Are Examples Of Pokemon Masters. She Went To Seattle To Help DigitalPh33rson With Some Minor Problems Or Explore Some Various Jobs, Delivering Newspapers, And House Bills For Some Examples, In Call Of Duty: Future Warefare 2, Professor Araragi Is A Fugitive And Needed To Be Rescued Before Accepting Missions From Her In The Overgrown Forest In The West Forest, Then After When She's Rescued, She'll Be Available To Accept Missions From.

English NameEdit

Professor Araragi's Real Name Is "Professor Aurea Juniper" Due To The Fuss And Complaints From The Pokemon Company's Business In Jepardy. The Name Juniper Applies From The Japanese Name Of Araragi. Juniper Is Actually Known For Her Best Accomplishments From The Unova Region, Her English Name Of Juniper Was Born From Quake 5: Unova And The Phazon Pete Anime Series Of The Hueco Mundo Arc, Part 2. It Will Be A While For The Next Of Pokemon Game To Come Out Due To The Tsunami Of Japan. And It's Soon To Hit Hawaii At Any Time Of The Day.