The Phazon Realm Is Linked To The Phazon Pete Universe, And Sometimes The Scriptmaster Universe, Despite It's Location, It's Traceable Codes And Energy Signatures Are Unknown, There Are 4 Sub-Locations Linked To This Big Location. They Include:

Starter Network: This Is Where You Start, This Cave Maze Is Not Hard To Navigate, Follow The Bankai Arrows To The Pathways, You'll Find Your Way Out.

Physical Network: This Is Where Things Get Challenging, There Are No Arrows, And No Pathways, There's Lava Platforms You Need To Jump In Order To Get Out.

Phazon Castle:


Almiaon Minlada's Chamber: This Is The Main Chamber Where You Fight Almiaon Minalada, In Order To Open To The Door To Her Chamber, You'll Need The Joshomon Singah Keldon Active In Order To Open It. Defeating Almiaon Minalada In Person Is Hard.

Joshomon Singah's Chamber: This Is The Main Chamber Where You Fight Joshomon Singah, In Order To Open To Door To His Chamber, You'll Need The Tensa Minalada Active In Order To Open It. Defeating Joshomon Singah Is Tougher Than Almiaon Minalada, So, You'll Need To Be Prepared Accordingly.

Main Foyer & Hall: This Huge Hallway Is Roaming With Romans And You'll Need To Protect Olette, Maya, And Alyssa At All Costs And Do Not Let Anyone Die (There's Strength In Numbers!!), You'll Have To Pass These Main Halls In Order To Fight Your Parents.

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