Phazon Pete Is The Main Character Of Phazon Pete Adventures, As Growing Up In City 22, He's Currently Having A Job At The Pizza Parlor Where All The Beer, Girls, And Televisions Show Up! He's 24 Years Old, He's A Hero, And Also He Likes His Life. Apart From Having A Job, He Also Goes By A Regular Citizen And Turns Into A Roman Princess Hero, He's A Male And Has Brests. He's Stubborn At Where He's At, He Wears A Dress, And Even In The Bankai Forms, His Dress Color Changes, And Gets A Ribbon On His Back To Hold The Dress, Just Like His Parents, His Mother Almiaon Minalada Carries The Tensa Minalada Axe That Has A "Z" Blade That Is Motor Powered, Another Bankai Was His Father's Axe, The Joshomon Singah Keldon (Literaly Meaning: The Powerhouse Axe Of Earth). His Power Is Increased And His Strength Is Doubled. Apart From The Bankais & And Social Lifes, Phazon Pete Gathered Training From Haku Yowane, Deuce-X, And The Silver Sensei. He Then Dreams Of Himself Being In The Phazon Realm Which Is A Home To The 2 Phazon Gods That Only Phazon Pete Can Enter, The Only Purpose To Gather Advice From His Parents And Also Activate His Bankai Here. Apart From That It All Started, He Started Finding A Baby Puffle That Lead Him Into The Caves, And Once He Got To The Central Network, That Where Things Got Interesting, He Found His Parents.

Abtributes Chart:

Joshomon Singah Keldon (Bankai): Power Rate: 456,000 Defense Rate: 55,000 Attack Rate: 30,003 Critical Rate: 80.5

Notes: Powerful Bankai With A Little Grief Added To It, It's Most Lethal. But His Speed Decreses, Because Of This Weapon Reassembling A Warhammer More Than It Does To An Axe, Or His Original Sohomhaxoh (Roman Slayer Axe).

Tensa Minalada Axe (Bankai): Power Rate 650,000 Defense Rate: 222,000 Attack Rate: 775,000 Criticial Rate: 110.0

Notes: Bankai Has A Ribbon, Dress Is Black, Has 2 Wings On The Top Back (Decorative), The Axe Is Capable Of Instant Kills Because Of The Spinning Rotating "Z" Shape Blade. Also Has A Silver Brass Tip On The Bottom Of The Axe. Very Powerful.



Phazon Pete Has Purified His 2 Bankais And His Personal Biological Status, That Made A Anti-Version Of Himself. Named: hzneaop Pte, That's The Anti Version Of Him, Cloned From His DNA, Phazon Pete Met His Anti Form Back At The Phazon Realm, The Central Access. He Emerged From The Big Phazon Blue Cloud Apart From All The Black Covering The Solid Areas Of The Blue Portal. His Anti Form Is Black, His Glasses Are Bright White, And His Sneakers Are Black, Everything Else Is Black For Anti Phazon Pete. Both Phazon Pete And hzneaop Pte Are Voiced By William Morley In The Live Action Series. And His Anti Form Has The Bankais That Phazon Owns As Well, As Well As Copying His Other Weapons, Shield, Sword, Flail, Mace, Axe, And Claw. Both Phazon Petes Have Demon Masks To Power Up Their Bankais, They Are Well Alike As Well As His Physical Form.

Notoble Quotes:

"Not Quite!!"
"Here I Come!!"

"Get Ready!!"

"What's Up?! I'm Gonna Kill You!!"


"Tensa Minalada!"

"Joshomon Unleash Earth Fury!!"

"Retsuga Tensho!!"

"Cause Destruction, Joshomon Singah! Unleash Rocks Upon Your Fate!!"

"Shut Up!!"

"You've Got To Be Kidding Me!"

"Sorry! I Don't Take Minors's Requests!!"

"Take A Breather Man."

"Nice Black Beard, Dude."

"Prepare Yourself!!"

"Understand Destiny."

Other FactsEdit

Phazon Pete Is Voiced By William Morley And The Japanese Voice Actor Is Unknown. He Is The Most Average Among All The Heroes, Spider Man, Dante, And Virgil Are Phazon Pete's Base Traits, In Finest Fantasy XIV Collectible Card Game, Phazon Pete Can Be Tranformed With Either Bankai Or Banrai With Various Combinations, For Instance, If You Want The Tensa Minalada You Will Have To Combine Phazon Pete With John Cena, Teto Kasane, And A Hurricane Emblem To Evolve Him To Tensa Minalada, For The Singah Keldon, You'll Have To Combine Him With Nnoitra Gilga, Genga, And Joshomon Singah Himself. For The Other Tranformations, You'll Have To Use Variable Formulas To Combine Him Into A Tank, A Stealth Jet, Or A Submarine, It Has To Be A Specific Element, Earth, Water, And Ground Are Compatible, But Grass, Wind, And Fire Are Not Compatible. Using Various Deck Techniques Will Need To Be Tested In Order To Use Phazon Pete Properly.