The UFC Has A Complete History Of Using Fighting Styles And Multiple Submissions To Defeat Opponents Quickly. Here, In This Article, You Will Learn The People Who Were Defeated By Submissions.


Sektor Had A Record Of 22 Wins And 5 Losses In Both The WWE And UFC As An Accumulated Total Of 125-5. Before He Reached UFC Warrior (Champion) Rank, He Defeated About 5 Special Opponents Like: Haku Yowane, Hatsune Miku, Osho, Shogun Rua, And Mirko Cro Cop. He Also Defeated Baraggon To Retain A Platinum Trophy And Defeated Others To Get His Rank Up, His Most Valuable Record Has A 7 Out Of 10 For The Best Record Ever.


Cyrax's Record Is Far More Supperior Than His Brother Sektor, Cyrax Had More Wins Than Sektor Because Of His Triumph Record, And His Famous Flying Guillotine Choke Is Powerful Than Sektor's Fighting Style, Becaus Sektor's Submission Skils Are Far Average Than Cyrax. Cyrax Defeated About 4 Opponents With A Powerful Submission That's Hard To Escape. He Defeated: Chuck Liddell, Knuckle Sister Scoff, Rashad Evans, Mauricio Shogun Rua, And A Vicious Flying Guillotine Choke To Cain Velasquez, During The Match With Cain, They Were Going Back And Forth Constantly Until Cain Tapped Out And Passed Out For The Very Last Second. Cyrax's Predictions Will Be Fighting Baraggon At UFC 237 After The Fight With Rampage Defending The Championship Title Versus Haku For The UFC Championship V.

Knuckle Sister Scoff:

Scoff's Record Is Very Bad At The Moment Being Consisted Of 150 Losses And 4 Wins. Scoff Was Defeated By The Millions Of Opponents Like: Cyrax, Sektor, Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez, Lyoto Machida, Rampage Jackson, Haku Yowane, Shogun Rua, Frank Mir, Yvess Johnson, Ken Shamrock, Batista, And The UFC Underdog, Baraggon Luisenbarn. Scoff Went To The Hospital About 150 Times And In 150 Exact Locations Everywhere After Being Passed Out. Soi Fon/Sui Feng Is Currently Paying About $75800,000,000 On Scoff's Medical Bill/Insurance. At This Rate, Scoff Will Have Be Executed Or Has To Leave Machinima Forever And Knuckles Will Forget About Scoff And Will Be Left Sad. Scoff Will Have To Commit Suicide In A Compactor If She Keeps Her Losses Up. Not Even Chuck Norris Has The Money To Do It.

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