The Pearl Dagger Is A Murder Weapon Only Used By The Real Deuce-X, Affected By The Espada Toxin, Deuce-X Was Forced To Kill DigitalPh33rson In The Various Of Places Only To See Only Nothing In His Path, But The Empty Friendship They Have. This Is Deuce-X's First Form, He's All Drunk And Walks Like A Zombie, But Is Angry, Not A Zombie. The Theme For The Deuce-X First Form Is Armadillo Knight - Boss Battle Theme. Luckily, The Boss Is Very Easy, You Just Need To Keep Running Away From In Parts Of The Forest. Find A Way To Trip Deuce-X 4 Times Before Is Able To Transform Into A Powerful Form. Using The Dirt Slopes Is Also An Advantage, Keep On Running Until He Falls Into A Pile Of Rocks, Then A Patch Of Ice, Then Into A Tree, And Finnaly Into The Old Soviet Bay. He Now Transforms Into Giygas-X. Also In Conclusion, The Pearl Dagger Also Has Something Written On It's Blade, It's Completely In Chinese "One Against The Bond" (一国对邦德 Yī guó duì bāng dé) That's The Only Thing That You'll See Chinese In The Machinima.

For Refrences:

Deuce-X (StarwolfNotMugen)

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