Spencer wheelchair

Ozwell Spencer, as seen in Video Game Zombies

Ozwell E. Spencer was the founder of the Umbrella Corporation Ozwell Spencer Is A Twisted Mad Scientist Apart From Red Ribbon's Doctor Gero And Roman Empire's Zielang Minalada, (Who Was A Previous Phazon God Of Wind, Actually, It Was Almiaon's Grandmother) Ozwell, Gero, And Zielang Were Very Young In The Past Before They Could Brew Up Evil Schemes And Take Over The World, Ozwell Wants Nothing But Himself To Do It. Because Of This, Ozwell Is A Arch Nemesis Of Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, And Claire Redfield.

The Oldest Characters Of All, Comparing From The Captain Commander Of The 1st Division, Genryusai Yamamoto, They're To Equally Rivaled.

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