Note: This Article Has 100% False Information,This Article Will Be Fixed By Putting The Real Information In A Day Or 2,The Real Operation Disney Is A Assassination Team That Was Formed Was To Kill Hanna Montana And The Jonas Brothers. Operation Disney Is A Assassination Which Herein Have Walt Disney World As Their Only Hideout. Forming Of Teams Of The Assassinators, Of: Aladdin, Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, And Formerly Albert Wesker. Who Retired His Rank.

Operation Disney Has An Ongoing Bounty On Jill Valentine, Professor Juniper (Araragi), And Tank Dempsey. Which Has Been Captured And Turned In For The Returning Bounty. Operation Disney Has Turned In Tank Dempsey And Is Now In Their Disney Land Prison. Which Leaves 2 The Leading Female Bounties To Go. Operation Disney Will Not Make Any Aggression To Their Team. Weather If They Never Give Up By Any Means Necessary.

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