Onaga Deception
Onaga Is The Main Leader Of The Deadly Alliance Along With Shang Tsung And Quan Chi. Onaga Controlls About 2,000,000 Mummified Soldiers That Require Souls Before They Are Ressurected To Life, Remember, A Person Needs A Soul To Live. On The Alliance Conquest, Shang Tsung Obtained About 85,000 Souls Of Regular Humans, The Evil Youtuber Hating Alliance, And Osaka Herself. The Main Reason That Onaga Needs These Is Because That He Needs To Get Rid Of The Elemental God Family And The Main Leader Known As Jack (Raiden) Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures.

Onaga Will Stop At Nothing To Get His Revenge On The Elemental God Family, Even With The Alliance's Betrayal And Help, They Still Have The A-List On Him. Onaga Also Appeared In Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 As A DLC, When Fighting Him, He's Most Strongest As Well As His Agressiveness.