Onaga, The Dragon King Is A Beast Cursed By His Mummified Army And Is Charged Of The Deadly Alliance Group, After Shang And Quan Chi's Defeat, Onaga Has To Defeat Jack In Order To Take Discipline For Him. Onaga Will Defeat Jack With Everything He's Got.

Target Name: Onaga The Dragon King

HP: 1020

DEF: 10,005

ATK: 20,000 (940.5)

Spiritual Energy: 700,000


1. Flaming Meteor (Does Fire And Impact Damage To The Attacker, Has A Massive Attack Rate)

2. Fire Breath (Does Fire Damage And Has A Chance Of The Burning The Opponent)

3. Dragon Fissure (Does Earth Damage And Has A Chance Of Near Limit KO)

4. Spacial Flame (Does Unholy Damage And Has A Chance Of A Critical Hit. Also This Attack Is The Stronger Version Of The Fire Breath Attack)

Notes: Has A High Attack Power Rate, Despite Being The Leader Of The Deadly Alliance, He Is At A Full Attack Power And Is Stronger Than Shang Tsung And Quan Chi. The Main Advantage Is To Keep Attacking, And Focus On Him. If You Take A Big Hit, Or A Status Condition, Use A Healing Status Item.

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