Olette, As Seen In Scott Pilgrim Book Volume 3 Cover.

Olette Is One Of The Rarest People In The Machinima Universe Today, Residing From Xemnas County, Twilight Town, Olette Is Rarely Only In The Other Machinima Besides DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, Olette Also Appears As A Mugen Character, By The User Named: "SuperiorInBetween" Who Also Made The Dragon King Onaga Character, Also Made This Character. Olette Is Also One Of Scott Pilgrim's Court Girls, Apart From Stacey Pilgrim, And Tsubasa Prilgrim, Olette Is Also One Of The Girls That Doesn't Have A First Name. And Jushiro Usually Calls Her "Simply Olette", "Just Olette", Or "Plain Old Olette".

Olette Smokes A Excessive Amount Of Excitement Ciggerettes, As Well As Real Ciggerettes, Camel, Reidak, Marlboro, And Phazon X Ciggerettes. Which Consist Of The Mineral Mixed In With Tobacco As Well. Olette Bears Cargo Pants And Leopard Pattern Ballerina Slippers. Though She Wears No Socks, Olette Is One Of People That Reassembles Tatsuki Arisawa From Bleach, Who Has The Same Blood In Them. The Difference Is That Tatsuki Is A Saiyan And A Tomboy In Her Blood. And As For Olette, She Is Only A Tomboy, But Not A Saiyan. Growing Up With Phazon Pete, Olette Really Has A Relation With Phazon Pete, Due To The Fact That She's Childhood Friends With Silver, Phazon Pete, And Binyah Himself. Olette Once Had Many Friends, Only To The Only Fact That She Only Has One, And That Is Phazon Pete. Olette Is Always Looking After Him, As Well Looking For Him Once He Has The Most Craziest Adventures. Olette's Favorite Foods Are: Blueberry Muffins, Boston Cream Cakes, And Apple Pies, And With The Exception Of Pork, Which is Her Least Favorite. Only To Furfill That She Only Likes 15 Types Of Meat.

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