Nitroblast, As Seen In Video Game Black Ops 2, He Has Half Of A Reptilian Structured DNA, And Is Known As The Best Fire Executioner Than Rather Being A Plain Assassin.

Nitroblast Is Yet Another New Villian For Video Game Black Ops 2, His Reptilian DNA Structure Allows Immunity For Him For Water, He Says That He's Impossible To Be Soaked. While Water And Fire Are His 2 Favorite Things, His 3rd Thing Is Being Executioner, He Had The Power To Capture Fidel Castro Un-Noticed, But Derrick Sanderson Realized He Showed Up In The Nick Of Time. Yet, Nitroblast Grew Angry From Derrick Sanderson.

Character Ability Is Raikanja, It Raises His Attack Power By An Instant, But Does Not Raise His HP Levels Unlike The Fire Lord, (His Mentor And Team Leader). Nitroblast Became The Survival Of The Finist. And Though He Still Continues To Follow With Fire Lord And Jetbug. Nitroblast Reassembles Reptile From Mortal Kombat And Also Replaces Laughing Octopus From Black Ops 1. He Has The Strength And Can Turn Into A Anime Character, Kind Of Like How Laughing Octopus Can Transform To The TF2 Pyro To Gain Access To The Machinima Hq, With Nitroblast's Improved Disguise Ability, He Can Sneak Up Upon Any Machinima Related Character And Attack Em' From Behind. For Fidel, He Was So Close From Killing His Sorry, Innocent, And Dumb Life.

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