USS Nimitz (CVN-68)
The Nimitz Supercarrier Is A High-Tech Aircraft Carrier That Tank Dempsey Secretly Summoned, To Avoid Samus And Tank Going Into A Bond, Tank Tested DigitalPh33rson To A Test Of His War Skills To Get His Jobs Done. His Skilled Work Was Required To Defeat This Colossal Carrier. It Was Used Arround The Era Of The Global Union, It Triumped The Global Union In An Instant. It Was Then A War Killing Machine, Just Like The Yamato Battleship. It Was A Little Larger Than The Yamato Battleship

The Nimitz Supercarrier Is In Control By Tank Dempsey And His Grey Parrot Company, The Grey Parrot Company Has Advance Technology Just Like The Shadow Company In Modern Warfare 2. In An Instant, DigitalPh33rson Destroyed This Carrier And Killed 33,000 Of The Grey Parrot Company's Members. But There's Still More Out There. The Nimitz Supercarrier Is Still A War Ending Machine Today.

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