Nikolai Belenski Is A Buff, Yeller, And Exitied Person Who Likes Explosive Attitudes. Nikolai Is A Member Of The Shi Numa Team, Later Joined Tank's Rebellion To Lack His Keen Sense Of Justice. His Immortality Has An Incredible Breath That Fills His Muscles With Joy. As A Soldier Along With Tank, Nikolai Makes His Teammates And Comrades To Excite Them To Watching TV. Later Soon Saw A Movie With Tank Dempsey. Nikolai Likes To Inform That Samus Wasn't Being Respectful To Nearest Friend Tank Dempsey, So Nikolai And Tank Started To Summon A Nimitz Supercarrier. With Noticing DigitalPh33rson, Sylux, Or His Gang. Later Informing The Others, Nikolai Belenski Has Betrayed His Only Friends To Lack His Keen Sense Of Justice

Nikolai Belenski is The 14th Person Not Popular In The Scripts Because Of His IQ Of 12700. Mashiro Mito Had Told Him That Staying Away From Scripts Was To Good Thing For Him. Because Of His Script Vice, Only DigitalPh33rson Can Only Post Scripts On NewStarwolfNotMugen Or StarwolfNotMugen's Channel Whenever Available. Nikolai Was A Former Football Player As The Main Running Back Of The Seattle Seahawks. His Jersey Number Is Unknown, Of Being Rumored That He Is Already Retired Out Of The Team.

Nikolai Is A Very Strong Person Who Was Able To Lift A Giant Machine To Gary's Office, He Was Also Able To Lift Up The Space Pirate Intelligence Data From The Space Pirates. He Was Very Successful And His Keen Drained His 5 Cilinders. With That, He Got Near To Tank Dempsey And Started Summoning A Nimitz Supercarrier That Messed Up His Reputation, (Not Because Of Samus). But His Only Keen Sense Of Justed. It Was Rumored That Tank Dempsey Wanted A 2nd Commander To Do His Orders, But To Only Help Tank Dempsey On His Conquest Of His Campaign.