Nicole-458 Is A Straight Edge Soul And A Inhabitant Of The Machinima Industry, Nicole-458 Is Close Friends With DigitalPh33rson And Samus Aran. Besides Being A Straight Edge Soul, Nicole Uses Her Time Wisely To Make Up Paperwork And Get Her Card Re-Newed. That Was Currently Done In 2009.

Nicole-458 Is The Precursor Of Nicholas-854 Which Is The Dude Form Of Her, While Samus Is Sam Makio, Morrigan Is Jaroda, Beat Is Scoff, And Messiah Is Amaterasu. Nicole Is A Tomboy Just Like Samus, So, She Has A Close Friend, Just Like DigitalPh33rson Has Samus. Nicole Has Sgt. Avery Jr Johnson To Help Alongside With Her. Nicole First Appeared In The 9/11 Special Along With Raiden Who Was Currently Fought In Battle, UFC Style. Nicole Held Her Dream As A Straight Edge Soul And Got Her Promise. Later Then, Nicole Got Her Form In A Potion, Which Consumed Of Her Form To Transform Back At Will. Samus Got The Same Thing As Nicole, And Their More Likely Rivals And Share A Good Friendship Along With DigitalPh33rson.

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