Nemu Kurotsuchi, Is The Mission Secretary

Nemu Is A Minor Character In The Machinima Industry, She Acts As A Teacher In Chuck Norris's School, And Also Acts As A Warden In The Fetishism Prisons. She Doesn't Appear Anywhere But Her House, As A Miku Miku Dance Model, She Does Nothing, And Eats Chocolate Ice Cream And Drinks Rasberry And Orange Juice By Minute Maid. She Only Appears In The Machinima Series: "Nemu's Room" Which Is Aired On, Which Has The Biggest Resource Of Machinimas Ever. But Most People Respect DigitalPh33rsons Adventures And Trilogy As The Best Machinima Ever. Nemu's Room Was Only Made With Sony Vegas Instead Of Windows Movie Maker.

Nemu Always Attends Machinima Events Like UFC, WWE, And Other Fighting Show, Which Only Appears In The Crowd Area Near Her Commander, Adam Malkovich, Who Is The Commentator. Nemu's Only Friend Is Anthony Higgs, Who Says The Princess Word To Samus But Came To His Senses. He's The Only Girlfriend To Anthony Higgs That Only Respects The Princess Word, Because In Her Blood, She Looks About 50% Like A Princess. Nemu Plays A Mission Guide In The Galactic Federation With A Headset That Reports Problems To Citizens Of The Metroid Universe Which Greets Them With "Galactic Federation, How May I Help You??" The Galactic Federation's Mission Guide Oftenly Sends Out Anthony Higgs Or Any Other Soldier On The Roster Except Brett And Brian Sanderson, Zack "The Rack" Johnson, (Who Appears To Jakes Father, Which Made Jake Deport To Germany To Meet Up With The Angry German Kid).

Nemu Kurotsuchi Is Very Selfish, And Sometimes A Busy One, Due To The Awful Fact That She's A Tomboy, And Doesn't Have A Straight Edge Form Because She Is A Mission Reporter. Nemu Will Keep The Galactic Federation Wired And Operational.

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