The Nagato Battleship Is Just Like It's

successor,The Yamato Battleship. The Nagato Battleship Is Way Smaller Than The Yamato, Though It Hasn't Been Rumored In A DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Episode, In The DigitalPh33rsons Manga Series, Tank Dempsey Uses The Dreadnought Battleship, The Iowa Battleship, And The Nagato Battleship. The Nagato Battleship Has Pilots Named: The Nagato Administrators, A Friend To Tank Dempsey's Rebelion Against Samus Aran. When The Administrators Use This, It Can Be Quite Deadly For Some People, Because The Nagato Has Good Weapons Just Like The Yamato, Less Armor Than The Yamato, And A Worser Crew Than The Yamato, Because Of This Battleship Being So Special, Nikolai Belenski Also Commands These Type Of Battleships, Because Of Most Being Under Control From Tank Dempsey, The Nagato Battleship Won About 6000,0000 Battles, And Never Sank Once, It Has Conceeded Victory Over: The Webwashers, The Ohioans, And The Saints. The Most Dangerous About This Because Of The Extra Cannons That They Shoot Over The Freeway Bridges, This Problem Is Reported From Millions Of Machinima News Channels Everywhere, And Reported About: 30,000,000 Deaths Along In The Machinima Universe, And Today, This Is Why The Citizens Are Growing To Be Even More Slower, And It Takes About A Few Days For A Machinima Character To Be Born Everyday, According To The DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Universe.