The History Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures is Measured By Nature.

Throughout the entire Season Of this Show, The People will know what they know and they Kind of know. The Entire History Is Powered by Nature. The Willing of Knowing the True Fact. The First DigitalPh33rsons Adventures were by Brian Sanderson And Brett Sanderson. The First Senior Battle Was a Complete Tragedy and Irony was Occuring too much. The Galactic Federation and Their Commanders were a massive Advantage over the series. The World Of DigitalPh33rson was a big Chunk of Dersert and Land Before the Show Exisited. The First Lead Artists Were Gloon The Garrison And Red Wonder Red Wonder was the Solution for the ideas before they hit the Youtube Site. They Were the first 2 Artists to Win a Academy Honor Of the Night. Willing an Oportunity, DigitalPh33rson Was Also Known As Ryan Miller, A Comrade of Jeffrey, Qasim Masoum, Pete Allen, And A lot more. They were the Second ones to Get Many Views & Honors. They Are Most Agile And Strong At their Fate. AND SO IT BEGINS!!