Muay Thai Is Also Known As The Art Of Eight Limbs (Two Hands, Two Feet, Two Elbows, Two Knees.) Muay Thai Originated In Thailand And Is Represented By Sagat, The Infamous Final Boss Of Street Fighter. In Addition To Traditional Kicks And Punches, It Is The Devastating Elbow Chops And The Gut-Busting Blows Knee Blows That Set Muay Thai Above Many Other Fighting Styles. Among The Power Moves Of Muay Thai Fighters Are The Flying Knee And The Skull Crushing Elbow. Muay Thai Fighters In Thailand Are Commonly Found Conditioning Their Shins By Repeatedly Kicking The Trunk Of A Banana Tree With The Intention Of Chopping It Down. They Also Eat Lots Of Spicy Food.

Muay Thai Is Also Famous For Fighting Shows Such As WWE, LFC, And UFC. Muay Thai Offers The Finest In Fighting History Known To Man. Muay Thay Is One Of The Other Fighting Styles Used In Smash Bros And DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, Soi Fon And Her Straight Edge Form Big Zam, Who Is Just Mainly A Pair Of Walking Legs And Reassembles A Walker From The Star Wars Series. Big Zam Has A Dude Voice And Blocks About 20% Of Soi Fon's Voice, When She Isn't Using Her Normal Body.