Morrigan, The Owner Of The Morrigan Corperation Building, Along With Felicia, Her Most Sold Product Is: Mortal Kombat Game Engine.

Morrigan Aensland Is One Of The Few Million Citizens In The DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Universe, And Is The Current Owner Of Morrigan Corp Enterprises Inc. Where Biological Products Are Made, Some Include: Mortal Kombat Game Engine Used In The CandyCao7 Finale, And The IP Scanner That Tracks Down Youtube Users, (Ripped Directly Out Of The Tohru Honda Enterprises Building). And Many Prouducts That Can't Be Arsed To Name. Morrigan Is A Friendly, Gentle, And Good Salesperson Like Personality. Morrigan Aensland Runs About 200,000 Customers In Seattle Washington, Selling About 50,000,000 Virtual Products Worldwide. Morrigan Then Went On Field Study In Fujihan's Palace To Learn The Various Gylphs There. When She Was Studying, The Anti-Saiyans Grew Fujihan To A Enormous Length To 470'00 Feet Tall, The Exact Same Size Of The World Trade Center (Twin Towers). Both Owners Morrigan And Felica Were Trapped In A Heap Of Flesh Wrapped Arround Their Torsos, Then Released

By Rurichiyo Kasumioji. Morrigan And Felicia Used PK To Open A Tightly Shut Door To Free Makomo Or Fire Torpedo (If Makomo Gave Fire Torpedo A Boost).

After Fire Torpedo Defeated The Boss Of Fujihan's Belly, Morrigan And The Rest Of The Citizens (According To Fire Torpedo Kai). They Would Escape Like Crazy. Morrigan Finished Her Field Study After The Awful Fact That She Was Swallowed By The Demon Turtle Fujihan, She Gained Some Samples To The Morrigan Corp Building To Sell The Flesh That Was Inside Fujihan And Sold It To The American Red Cross Association For $200 Bajillian. Morrigan Then Opened Her Company Building To The Public Again In DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Seasons 2 Through 7. She Also Greeted DigitalPh33rson With A Free Sample Of The Mortal Kombat Game Engine During The Thanksgiving Special.