Microsoft Shingen's Concept Art, It's From Another Website. Property Of: God7619Grpyhon Productions, I Do Not Own The Company.

The Evil Master Of Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors And Commander General Of The Zombie Outbreak Crisis. Brewing A Plot To Defeat Microsoft Sam And Tidus (Final Fantasy X), He Has 4 Seated Officers: Microsoft Keldon, Microsoft Janie, Saya, And Radar Overseer Scotty (Now Windows 7 Scotty). With His Power And His Officers's Brawn, He Can Take Over A Error Industry In About 60 Seconds Or Less. So Far He's Now In Control Of The Chao Army, The Gundam Army, And The Dark Digimon & Pokemon Army. With His Henchmen, He's Trying To Kill Professor Araragi, Professor Makomo, General Shepard, Vladimir Makarov, Barrack Obama, And The Lead Machinima President,

Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto Himself. So Far, He's Been Tracked Yesterday, September 2nd, 2010.

Microsoft Shingen Forms Consist Of Star Wars Forms, A Monster & Demon Form, And His Secret Form, The Emporer Of The Cyber Realm. No One Has Ever Defeated Microsoft Shingen And Lived. Most Of All, The 2 Who Have Survived Were Microsoft Sam, And Tidus (Final Fantasy X). Tidus's Relation With Microsoft Shingen Is Very Strict, And Has A Very Severe Strong Rivalry With Him. As In For Microsoft Sam & DigitalPh33rson/Ryan Miller/Derrick, Their Mission Is To Take Down Shingen With Teamwork, Respect, And Justice, For Any Necessary Use Wherever To Save Mankind From Extinction Of This Villian.

Forms Specification:

Basic Form: Microsoft Shingen's First Form, Although His Weakest, This Is The Easiest Form To Defeat, But In His Later Forms, It Gets Even Harder. HP: 2500 DEF: 270 ATK: 370 Overall Rating: 4/10

2nd Form: A Crossover Between Darth Maul And William Lopez, Who Is Bare Chested, This Form Is Somewhat Moderately Hard, This Form Has A High Attack Rate, Which Is Mostly A Nun Whoever Is A Micracle To Survive Such An Attack. Basically, It Will Result In A Chance Of 66% Of An Instant Kill. The Lightsaber Can Cut Almost Anything, And I Mean Anything!! HP: 4700 DEF: 440 ATK: 660 Overall Rating: 6/10

3rd Form: Microsoft Shingen Loses The Lightsaber, Becomes Huge, And Becomes More Demonic And Has Spikes, The Defense Of This Form Is Impressive, Since A Regular Sword Couldn't Cut It. Unlike Tidus (Final Fantasy X.) His Attack Rate Is Incredibley High, Which Has A Chance Of %75 Of An Instant Kill. HP: 55,000 DEF: 1400 ATK: 7700 Overall Rating: ??/10

4th Form: Microsoft Shingen Has Red Armor, His Demon Shell Breaks, And Has Big-Ass Swords That Are The Exact Same Size Of The World Trade Center, Since Shigen Is Impossible To Beat In This Form, A Lucky One Who's Still Standing, Will Be Able To Encounter His Secret Form. Yes, It Is Most Likely That This Form Will Kill You Instantly, Mostly Because Of The High Attack Rate, And Defense Rates. He's Also Hard To Defeat Because Of His High Health Points Rating. HP: 110,000 DEF: 70,000 ATK: 240,000 Overall Rating: 8/10

Secret Form: Microsoft Shingen Now Emerges From Outer Space And Into The Emperor Of The Cyber Realm, Apart From The Previous 4 Forms, This Form Is Nearly Insanely Unable To Beat, For This Reason, His Health Point Rating Has Rocketed Up To A Million Making You Wish That You Had 6 More Allies To Defeat Him. His Defense Rating Is Also High Because Of The Metal Plating And Head Protection & Repulsar Fields That He's Wearing. HP: 1,400,000 DEF: 999,000 ATK: 4470,0000 Overall Rating: 10/10. Voice Configuration: Use Adult Male #6 And Use His First Form & Second Form's Voices And Combine Them Into Audacity.

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