Metroid Prime Elite Charlie And Delta Squad Strike Force (エリートチャーリーとデルタストライクフォース Erītochārī to derutasutoraikufōsu In Japan) (Metroid Prime Чарли Elite Squad "и" Дельта Metroid Prime Charli Elite Squad "i" Delʹta Strike Force In Russia) Strike Force Is A 4 Player First Person Shooter Designed By Nintendo And Treyarch, The Main Characters Are: Samus Aran, Doctor Walter "Edward" Richtofen, Jeffrey Richtofen, And Ryan Miller. This Takes Place After Walter And Jeffrey Built A Tank With An Unknown Substance Would Actually Stand Up To 4 to 7 Years. The Controls Are Standard, Like Future Warfare, You Have The Option to Play Alone Or Play With The 3 Other Players. In Online Multiplayer Mode, You Get To Pick Any Character (As Soon As You Unlock Any New Character), You Get To Wreck Havoc, Comandeer Vehicles, And Play Capture The Flag. In Single Player Mode, You Get To Go Through A 87 Chapter Storyline That Shows The Complete History Of The Richtofen Family And On How Samus Became A Tomboy.

This Game Was Released Laste Year Some Where Arround September Through December. In The Galactic Union It Has A Rumored Release Date.

Release Dates:

US: January 25, 2009

JP: August 6, 2008

EUR: November 26, 2007

GU:December 17,2010

RU:March 24,2010

NE/Netherlands: December 2nd Half 2008

SS/Soul Society: October 1st Half 2009

CAN: March 8, 2009

IL:June 18, 2010

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