Metroid Prime: Record Of A Crusade Will Air In 2016 In Youtubes Everywhere After A Few Episodes Of Video Game Black Ops II. Despite It Being A Speakonia Machinima, Samus And Sui-Feng Will Be The 2 Hosts Being In It, Ryan Miller Will Appear As A Partner Host, Metroid Prime: Record Of A Crusade Will Also Be Split Into 6 Parts As Mini-Machinimas, They Are Like Scenarios, So Pay Attention To Them:

  • Naruto Shippuden: The Quinken's Revenge
  • Tournament Of Heroes: The Aftermath
  • DigitalPh33rsons Adventures: On The Edge
  • Video Game Zombies: Revenge On The Pentagon
  • Resident Evil: Escaping The City Of Excalibolg (Starting Chris And Sheva)
  • Video Game Black Ops: Fetish Crisis Spreading From An Abandoned Cosmodrome In The Galactic Union To Planet Earth And Cosmonaut Fetishes/People Infected With Nova-7 Are On The Move (Starring Silver, AGK, Jake Johnson, Rebbecca, Scoff, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Jill, Barry, Marvin, Wesker, Samus, Olette, Haku Yowane, Shi No Numa Team, Haven Troopers, Chris, Sheva, Leon, Claire, JFK, Castro, McNamara, Nixon, Frank Woods, Niko Bellic, Roman Bellic, Viktor Reznov, And Alex Mason)

All These Are Like Mini Show Just The Ones You See On "Saturday Night Live" The Reality Show That Shows A Couple Of Bloopers. However, Record Of The Crusade Isn't Going To Be Action Based, It's Mostly Based Off Of Saturday Night Live On NBC.

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