Messiah, As Seen In DigitalPh33rsons Adventures. Notice That The Picture Is Diffrent From My Version

Messiah Is The Storyteller Of StarwolfNotMugen (NewStarwolfNotMugen) Sometimes, He is One Walking, Gentle Ghost Soul, Proving That The Awful Fact That He Has The Ability To Travel Through Time, Give Spiritual Tests, And Disappear At Will When The Job Is Done For Him. He Has A Straight Edge Form Called Amaterasu, A Fox Of The OKAMI Universe, The "OKAMI" Game Was The Same Studio That Made The Horror Game Series "Resident Evil."

As The Messiah, He Has The Right To Stay In The Dark For As Long As He Pleases, Proving His Worthy, He Is Proud Of It. Because Of His Nature, He Is Afraid Of "The Outside Light" Also Known As The Sun, Or Other Miscellaneous Forecast.

Messiah Is The God's Word Of The Prophecy For The Machinima Universe, It Is A Rumor That He Gives A Lecture At A Church Somewhere Arround Northern Seattle Washington. When He First Met DigitalPh33rson In The Thanksgiving Special, He Used Something That Almost Altered The Timeline, Also Hurted Messiah's "Vice Reputation." His Reputation Was Very Special To Him. In Video Game Black Ops, Messiah Has His Beserk Form Which Makes Him A Irate NUN He Than Met Derrick And Told Him To Stop Samus From Joining The Special Ops Forces, And Lost Pretty Much Of His Timetravel Power. In Video Game Zombies, His Role Is More Similar To The One In Video Game Black Ops Series, Where The Angry German Kid Called Him A Zunimai, And A Zealot. The Messiah Ignored Him 6 Times, And Then Possessed His Mind For 60 Minutes. Which Forgot About Pretty Much About Leopold And Messiah Arguing.

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