Medic Is One Of The Machinima Infirmary Staff And Once Helped Machinima Greats Like Samus, Knuckles, Sonic, And Scoff And Treated Them With Good Medical Attention, The Medic Is A Good Class In Team Fortress 2 Which Can Activate Ubercharge For Any Team Class, No Matter The Team Color Your On, The Medic Will Keep Them Charged And Their Attack Power Is Twice Powerful

The Medic Is Also A Clone Of Kaito Of Vocaloid Fortress 2, Which Only Helps Out Miku The Most, And Rarely Charges Up Other Classes, Unlike Haku Yowane. Kaito Has A Thermal Pump, A Standard Issue Rapid Fire Pistol, And A Shu Gun, Which Shoots Out Ice Age Snow, Which Made Ice Cream Cones And Buckets.

Medics Are A Great Assist For Heavies, And More Assistful In The Machinima Employment, And Is More Respectful To Wounded Citizens As Well. The Medic Respects DigitalPh33rson As His Employee In The Infirmary.

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