Mayuri Kurotsuchi, One Of Most Dangerous People In The Machinima Sports Industry.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Is Captain Of The 12 Division And Saiyan Officer Of The Saiyan Division Of Taiwan. Mayuri Will Appear In The European Version Of The 2011 Game Of Super Smash Bros Of The 14 Guard Squad Captain Edition (see samus's favorite games.) Mayuri Is A Skeletal Monster Is Somewhat A Look-A-Like Halloween Monster, But Some People And Fans Call Him Zealot And Zerumi, Like AGK Did To Messiah.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi Has A Poison Fog Attack That Emerges From His Mouth, A Green Fog To Lower Defense Levels, And A Orange Fog To Turn People Into Zombies, In A Video Game Zombies Secret Missing Episode, (Episode -1), Mayuri Throwed The Black Limo With Strength And Took Samus And Zombified Her With The Orange Fog That He Had.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi Is Also A UFC Team Captain Of His Green Team, In His Team, He Consists Of Choosing The Best Fighters That He Actually Judges Including Men And Woman Of All Ages Includinge Muscleweight, Overweight, And Obeseweight. Mayuri Has Fought Against Brock Lesnar's Team And Fought Against Scoff's Team, He Is Expected To Fight DigitalPh33rson's UFC Team In The National Championships For The Ultimate Trophy. Mayuri Will Not Insist Of Giving Up, Not Even Trying To Help The Undertaker In His Conquest In The WWE As His Trainer Back In 1985. He Is Currently As Kane's Manager In The WWE In The Smackdown Brand. He Insists To Become The World Heavyweight Champion.

Other FactsEdit

Mayuri Also Appears In Finest Fantasy XIV Collectible Card Game, In The Video Game Black Ops RPG, Mayuri Can Be Transformed In Various Ways. In Order To Transform Him Into Drunken Mayuri, He Must Have A Snake Effect And His Soul Vocal Taken Out. It Depends On Where You Do It.

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