Maurice Favreau

Maurice Favreau, As Seen In Video Game Black Ops

Maurice Favreau Is A Primal And Calm Person With A Physched Personality Which Meant, When Somebody Snuck On Maurice, He Would Scream Toward Sombody And Tremble In Fear. Little Does He Know That He's On The Galactic Federation, He Didn't Want To Join In The First Place Because Of His Disorder. His Mother

Karumen Favreau Sent Him To The Galactic Federation By Anger And Force. On His First Day, He Met Anthony Higgs, Anthony Knew Maurice Very Well In Their Childhood, And Knows About Maurice's Allergenic Disorder. And Anthony Started To Like Maurice. Maurice Started To Like Him Back. On Their Way To The Command Quarters, Anthony Said To Marice: "You're Going To Be Safe Here, You Have My Back, And I Have Yours, Together There's No Need To Be Scared Of Anything." Maurice Agreed With Anthony And Treated Anthony As His Right Hand Man, He Knew That Samus Was Going to Be There, Little That Samus Knew That Maurice Was Not Interested In Girls. Unlike K.G. Misawa, James Pierce, And Lyle Smithsonian. Maurice Was Completely Against Girls, Though He Tried To Avoid Them, But When He Met Wendy Marvell, He Ran, But Was Slaughtered By Her. Maurice Was Completely In A Panic Frenzy, Only 70 Minutes Passed And After That, Maurice Was Bleeding Everywhere And He Passed Out. After Being Healed, Maurice Has Still Everything That Haunted His Life. Therefore He Met Adam Malkovich On His 2nd Day And He Was Extremely Angry At Maurice.

His Infamous Phrase "WHAT THE HELL!! You Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack!" Was Famous Arround The Galactic Federation HQ, But On The 3rd Day, Adam Restricted Profanity On His Grounds. Maurice Still Had Anthony Higgs As His Right Hand Man, Both Of These Men Have Phrases, And Share Extreme Common Relationships. Maurice, Outside The Galactic Federation However, He Trained In The Dark Closet With Knuckle Sister Scoff, Like Scoff, Maurice Also Has A Fearful Relationship With The 2nd Female Of The Entire Series. Both Scoff And Maurice Are Scared Of Everything. But Maurice Was Scared Of Girls. And Scoff Was Scared Of Everything That She Can Possibly Imagine. Maurice, Lacks In Combat In The Battle, Therfore, He Strategizes The Men To Various Plans, And Helps Them to Get An Advantage. Like So, Maurice As A Conclusion, He Was The Most Frightful Person To Be Arround With, Except For Anthony, Which Is A Good Friend Of His.

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