Marvin Branagh, As Seen In Video Game Zombies, He's Really Paranoid, Due To The Zombie Crisis, When A Survivor Want's To Help Him, He Says Who The Hell Are You? And He Points A Gun Point Blank,And The Survivor Is Probably Going To Say Don't Shoot,Im Human!

Marvin Branagh Appears In Video Game Zombies And Later In Metroid Prime: Record Of A Crusade, Marvin Doesn't Have A Background Story Yet, But He Did Appear In Resident Evil 2, Which You Needed To Kill Him As A Zombie Once You Get To His Office. Marvin Then Died In Metroid Record Of A Crusade, As A Result Of The Zombie Virus.

Marvin Then Realized That Ryan Miller Came To His Scene, Though He Wasn't Suprised. Apparently He Didn't Knew Ryan Miller, Marvin Will Be Voiced As The Same Actor As Sgt. Edolion. (TophNotMugen). Marvin Does Know Jill Valentine Because She Works For The STARS Racoon Police.

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