This restaurant is situated on a sunken courtyard in front of the Paramount Plaza building at Broadway and 51st Street. A UFO-like craft takes patrons to the dining tier, where the "Mars Bar" and "Space Arcade" are also located. Perhaps the most notable feature is Crystal Crater. Crystal Crater serves as the dining area. It is three stories high, and decorated to match a possible Mars subterranean landscape. Waiters are dressed in futuristic costumes, and food and drink items have space-themed names. After dining, patrons pass through two doorways where a "teleporter" takes them back to the main floor. Customers then enter the gift shop

In The Machinima, Team Mars 2112 Of A Planet Exploration Team Have Discovered Some Zombie Space Pirates During Their Travels, Mars 2112 Is Also Rumored To Be In New York Manhattan, The 8th Division Captain Loves To Dissapear Just Like Messiah Via Through A Teleporter, In VF2, Uryu Ishida, Can Also Build A Teleporter By Swatting The Thing About 44 Times, Just Like The Engineer Can Swat His Sentry And Teleporter As Well. The Teleporter Was Also From The 14th Division Secret Quarters, The Mars 2112 And The 14th Division Quarters Are Much Alike With Their Teleporter Technology.

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