These Type Of Males Have A Mind Of Their Own, Due To The The Fact That They're Called Artificial Intelligence, They Do Lack A Human Control Herein And Now, The Male AI Is Those To The New Machinima Series And Those Old to The Machinima Series. The Male AI Is Controlled From A Strange Pressence Or Controlled On their Own. Not Much Is Known In The DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Series About These People, But Is Rumored To Appear.

And Since They're Are More Than 47 Bajillion Males Arround In the Machinima Universe, The Males Are Half Their Presence And Equaled To The Bajillions. 800,000 Are Male Artificial Intelligence People, And 8000,0000 Of Real Controlled Males. That's Equal To A Bajillion. And All The Most Males Are Just Neutral Intelligence. Due To The Fact They're From Unknown Origins, Or Born From A 5th Earth.

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