Males Are The Most Respectful Species On Planet Earth, Because Of This, They Are About 12,000,000 Males Living In The Machinima Universe, More Higher Among Females, The Males Are Most Responsible And Respectful And They Include The Most Responsible: DigitalPh33rson, Knuckles, Silver, Azelf, Uxie, Naoto, Sylux, Trace, Noxus, Nico, The Male TF2 Classes, Raiden, And Lyoto Machida. The Males Have Also Decreased Their Population Limit Of Living Like Hitler And Jeff Hogan Who Was Killed In A Helicopter Accident In The WWIII Special. Males Are The Main Characters Of Their Machinima And Usually They Have A Female Along (i.e. Samus, Scoff, Makomo, Soi Fon) With Them. And The Males Will Get Their Chance Of Getting Their Show At A Population Rate Of A 70% Rating.

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